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Early Intervention Services

We know how critical these early years are in a child’s development. This time is vitally important, and our personalized early intervention programs make full use of it, working to ensure developmental progress at this early stage. We understand that every child is different, and our individualized programming is uniquely developed for your child, inviting the active participation of parents.



Initial Evaluations

An initial evaluation with Equanimity consists of in-person observations, conversations with parents and caregivers, and direct interactions with your child. This critical starting point enables us to begin building a program to help with communication, language acquisition, learning, behavior, social skills development, and other critical developmental goals.


Functional Behavior


The functional behavior assessment (FBA) service is designed to develop an understanding of a child’s unique challenges at home or school. This enables us to prepare a plan to manage and reduce problematic behaviors and enable your child to thrive.

In-Home Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Programs are individualized to meet the needs of each child.

Decisions made in your child’s in-home ABA therapy program will be based on our discussions with you and a review of all the information gathered during the initial assessment process. Our goal is to improve your family’s quality of life by helping your child become successful, communicative, happy, and independent.

Progress is monitored on a daily basis.

Program results are assessed after every session – not just weekly or monthly. Equanimity's commitment to continual evaluation ensures that, while children move at their own pace, teaching remains firmly oriented toward the final goal.

We maintain a family-centered perspective and know that adaptability is important. In-home programs are adjusted regularly to be able to meet any challenges that may crop up:

  • Vacations and travel
  • School holidays and breaks
  • Social gatherings
  • Medical appointments
  • Welcoming new siblings or visitors into the home
  • With Equanimity, you can trust that your child will be able to face new challenges successfully.

Behavioral Consultation for Families of Children with Autism

Equanimity specializes in behavior consultation for the families of children with autism and other special needs. After meeting with your family to discuss your child’s home and school situation, a Behavior Analyst will outline strategies to improve your child’s home environment. They will then arrange for recurring appointments to check in and see how well it’s working, analyzing the data and refining support systems as needed. We’re with you for the long haul.

Our behavior consultation service is based upon three key elements:

Comprehensive We help families address behavioral needs in nearly any home or community setting. This means working with parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends. We’ll meet you at home, in the grocery store, or on a neighborhood walk – wherever you need support.


Our Behavior Analysts work with families to prioritize goals and make long-term plans. Once a behavior goal is met, we’ll work with you to reassess priorities and decide where to go next.


By collecting accurate information, we can help your family determine why your child exhibits certain behaviors and how to address them. A Behavior Analyst will walk through this process one step at a time, allowing parents and caregivers to learn how to best support their children for years to come.



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